Just One of Those Dayz Rage Room


First and foremost this about healing in a fun way!

An Idea Is Born

First and foremost, I am a Marine.  Once a Marine, always a Marine.  I served in active combat during the Persian Gulf War.

Unfortunately, I came home with many maladies including PTSD.

With the help of a loving wife, three children, family who cared, great friends who are really family, and now two grandchildren I made it through as best as possible.

The doctors would medicate me, but it wasn't always enough.  I needed an outlet!

Five years ago I heard a story about Rage Rooms and told my wife that we needed to open one.  We promptly started collecting items from other's trash (which now fills our garage!).

As a family, we ran into hard times with the deaths of three immediate family members within a 10 month period.  So...the Rooms were put on hold.

Now, with Angels watching over us, we have the strength to do what was set into motion so many years ago in Saudi Arabia.

Please come join us and let your spirits free!